Youth/Rec STUNT

Thank you for your interest in Youth/Rec based STUNT, one of the fastest growing female sports in the country! USA Cheer has developed a youth/rec-based version of STUNT for local leagues interested in offering a new competitive sport for their female athletes. USA Cheer has set up the structure of STUNT for youth and rec leagues to have consistency across the country while allowing for leagues to be flexible to their specific needs.

USA Cheer has two “divisions” set up that will address the needs of teams that are younger and less experienced as well as older groups that have more experience with the skills required. Once a league has set up specifics for how their teams will play, the league can choose from a library of routines to fit their needs, with the goal of having a range of skills that challenge their athletes while still keeping them safe. Below is more information on how to get started.

Click the links below to get started for the 2020 STUNT season!

Coaches’ Training and Registration

Please follow the steps below to begin the process of getting set up for Youth/Rec STUNT. In general, once you begin, the prompts on the site will lead you to your next steps.

Step 1 : Click this link to “Join USA Cheer. Select “STUNT Coach Profile” and click “Sign Up”.  For the “STUNT Association”, select “Youth STUNT”, then select your team if you are with a returning team. If you are with a new STUNT program, select “No Team Affiliation” and continue to complete your personal profile. Once this is complete, you will be taken back to the homepage.

Step 2: You will need to complete the “Youth/Rec Cheer Membership”, which will include the USA Cheer Safety & Risk Management Course, a youth safety course, coaching young athletes, a maltreatment course, a background check, and documentation that you have completed a concussion course (upload a certificate), and heat illness prevention (upload a certificate).  Once this is complete, you can proceed to Step 3 below.

Step 3: Once these are completed, click “Member Area”, then click “Register a new team”. Follow the prompts to purchase the team membership and complete the three training sessions (General Training Part A, General Training Part B, and the Youth/Rec-Specific Training). Once these are completed, your Team Membership will be active. This will allow you to see the “My Materials” Folder, which is where the material will be available.