What is STUNT?

STUNT is an exciting head-to-head game between two teams who execute skills-based routines in various categories – partner stunts, jumps & tumbling, pyramids & tosses, and team routines.

Why Play STUNT?

  • Athletes and fans love it!
  • Easy onboarding with support provided from USA Cheer
  • Low equipment, facility, and game operation costs
  • Large rosters for college and high school
  • Title IX compliant
  • Easy recruiting for colleges, from existing high school STUNT athletes, cheerleaders, gymnasts, and weightlifters

Learn more about STUNT!

Season: Summer-Fall (Jul 1 – Dec 5)
Ages: 5 – 18 yrs 

Season: Spring (Feb 1 – May 31)
Ages: 5 – 11 yrs , 6th grd & below

Season: Spring (Feb 1 – May 31)
Ages: High School/Junior High Students

Season: Spring
Ages: College Students


Quarter 1: Partner Stunts

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Quarter 2: Pyramids & Tosses

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Quarter 3: Jumps & Tumbling

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Quarter 4: Combined Routine

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  • Club: Non school-affiliated programs (ex. Competitive, all star)
  • Youth Rec: Non school-affiliated programs (ex. Pop warner)
  • High School/Junior High: Programs affiliated with a school
  • College: Programs affiliated with an institution
  • An emerging sport is a women’s sport recognized by the NCAA that is intended to help schools provide more athletics opportunities for women and more sport-sponsorship options for the institutions, and also help that sport achieve NCAA championship status.
  • An emerging sport for women is a sport that:
    • Meets the definition of a sport.
    • Is accepted and recognized by the NCAA (as approved by its divisional governance processes) as an emerging sport for women.
    • Provides additional athletics opportunities to female student-athletes and demonstrates the NCAA’s commitment to gender equity among student-athletes.
  • You can find more information on the Emerging Sport Questions and Answers page.
  • The CWA’s endorsement of STUNT is a victory for Title IX and female athletes everywhere. Institutions can count STUNT towards their Title IX requirements and help grow participation opportunities for female student athletes.
  • STUNT and Competitive Cheerleading are two different disciplines of “cheer” that both utilize technical skills in their sport, but there are differences.  STUNT is the discipline that has been recommended by the CWA for Emerging Sport status and has pre-choreographed routines that work in order of progression. Whereas, Competitive Cheerleading utilizes technical skills in their own choreography and are commonly split into different divisions based on level of difficulty.