STUNT Officiating

Officials hold an important role in the sport of STUNT. They provide leadership and guidance to coaches and athletes, ensuring that the games are conducted in a safe and fair manner. Qualities such as integrity, honesty, reliability, and respect are essential to the role of the official.

To become a STUNT official (Scoring Official or Referee), you must be a USA Cheer Member and have a STUNT: Official Certification. To get certified for the 2021-22 season, visit Become a STUNT Official. Officials Membership and Certification are available June 15 and expire May 31.

STUNT Officials’ Resources

Complete Game Official’s Packet

  • 1 Referee Game Card Sheet (4 to a sheet)
  • 1 Official Scorebook for Scoring Officials
  • 2 Sets of Scoresheets for Scoring Officials
  • 2 Game Summary Sheets for Scoring Officials

Individual Documents: