STUNT Coach and Team Memberships

Before you click the “Join” button at the bottom of  the screen, read and print out these instructions. 

Very important! You MUST complete your STUNT Coach or STUNT Coach Membership before you can get your Team Membership.

  1. When you are redirected to the USA Cheer Membership site, click the “STUNT Coach Membership”, then click to “Join USA Cheer” and complete the registration or click “Login” if you already have a membership.
  2. Once you are in your STUNT Coach Membership, you will need to click on the “Courses” tab in the sidebar on the left and select “Take a Course”.
  3. You must select each “Additional Certification” and follow the process.
    • Both the AACCA and Concussion course will ask you to upload your certificates as part of the process.
    • The First Choice Background Screening requires your signature and to submit the request through First Choice – follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. You must complete all courses associated with “STUNT Coach” and pass the exams before you are able to do anything else.
  5. Once you have competed all of the courses and your certificates have been approved, your membership will read “Current” on the “Member Home” screen.
  6. AFTER you have a Current Coach Membership, you will need to click on the “My Team” tab in the sidebar on the left an select “Renew a Team” if your team played last season or “Add A New Team”.
  7. You will need to complete the information needed and make your payment for the team.
    • If you need an invoice for your school to pay select “Check” and it will generate an invoice for you.
    • Your Team Membership will not become Current until we receive the payment from your school. If a PO has been created, you can email that to
  8. Once your Coach Membership AND Team Membership are Current you will be able to see the routines, music downloads, and 8-count sheets in the “My Materials” tab in the sidebar on the left.


Click to Join