College STUNT Nationals Poll – 2020 Season, Week 1

The College STUNT National Poll combines votes from college STUNT coaches and the College STUNT Nationals selection committee. Teams are divided into their respective nationals divisions.  Follow the entire 2020 College STUNT season at

[# of 1st place votes are in brackets.]
* An asterisk denotes teams submitting votes in this week’s poll.

1Oklahoma State University (OK)* [22]Southwest - West
2Texas Tech University (TX)* [3]Southwest - West
3Michigan State University (MI)* [3]MidAmerican - North
4Riverside City College (CA)* [6]West - South
5California Baptist University (CA)* [1]West - South
6Grand Valley State University (MI)* [1]MidAmerican - North
7University of Texas, Austin (TX)Southwest - West
8Cal Poly (CA)*West - South
9University of Michigan (MI)*MidAmerican - South
10Brigham Young University (UT)West - South
11UC Davis (CA)*West - North
12Sacramento State (CA)*West - North
13Arizona State University (AZ)*West - South
14California (CA)*West - North
15Ferris State University (MI)*MidAmerican - North
16Connors State College (OK)*Southwest - East
17University of Kentucky (KY)MidAmerican - South
18Independence Community College (KS)Southwest - East
19Sonoma State (CA)West - North
20Northeastern State University (OK)Southwest - Central
21St. Mary’s College (CA)West - North
1Davenport University (MI)* [33]Midwest - North
2Oklahoma Baptist University (OK)* [3]Southwest - West
3Maryville University (MO)*Southwest - East
4Concordia University, Irvine (CA)*West - South
5Southwest Baptist University (MO)*Southwest - East
6Dallas Baptist University (TX)*Southwest - Central
7The University of Texas at Tyler (TX)*Southwest - West
8Tiffin University (OH)Midwest - South
1Alma College (MI)* [36]Midwest - North
2Hiram College (OH)*Midwest - South
3Olivet College (MI)Midwest North
1Oklahoma City University (OK)* [29]Southwest - Central
2Vanguard University (CA)* [5]West - South
3Southwestern Christian University (OK)* [2]
Southwest - Central
4Concordia University, Ann Arbor (MI)MidAmerican - South