How to Start a Youth STUNT Team!

If your Youth organization or rec league is part of an existing STUNT league, follow their steps to register to play.

If your Youth organization is not currently playing STUNT, complete the interest form to let us know you are interested and someone from USA Cheer will get in contact with you about the next steps to getting your league set up to play STUNT.

Click here to let us know you’re interested in playing STUNT!

Learn about the game of STUNT!

Get your STUNT Coach Membership at started (registration opening soon!). You will have access to additional training resources through your membership.

Make copies of the information below and begin to organize in a binder with tabs. Once the season gets started and you complete your Team Membership, you can add your 8-count sheets to this as well.

Setup a meeting with your organization president, director, or club owner to discuss the possibilities of bringing STUNT to your organization.

  • Explain what STUNT is and show the “This is STUNT!” Video.
  • Club STUNT (8U, 11U, 14U, 18U) is designed to be played Jun-Dec with the tournament season being in the Fall (Sept-Dec). Younger age groups can also play through the Spring if they are not participating on a school team.
  • Youth Rec STUNT (8U, 11U, & 14U) is designed to be played in the Fall but also can play in the Spring season but cannot have athletes on the team who are currently participating on a school team.
  • Fees associated with the sport (uniform, mats, registration, and officials’ fees).
    • Standard uniform, travel, and officials’ costs.
    • Minimum of 4 mats for practice, 8 to 13 to host games.
    • Yearly registration fee with USA Cheer for materials, which includes properly licensed music, routine videos, 8-count sheets, etc. to play.
  • Number of people to field a team
    • The minimum number of athletes required is based on  age groups. In general, the younger age groups require 8 athletes while the older age groups require 12 athletes.
  • Reach out to surrounding organizations to gain interest in participating.
    • 4 to 6 teams is an ideal minimum number to have in a surrounding area.

USA Cheer will help to develop an initial pool of officials and get them trained if an officials association is not established in your area

  • Explain what STUNT is and show the “This is STUNT!” video.
  • Explain the need for team support to make this program successful.
    • Volunteers to work tournaments (ticket sales, snack bar, scoreboard, announcer, film, stats, setup, etc.)
  • Give the season timeline (registration/assessments, practices, tournaments, etc.)
  • Cover fees associated with the sport.
  • Cover the age groups in which you plan on having teams for.

Reach out to surrounding clubs to see who is planning on hosting tournaments and what the dates will be. Work together to set tournaments based on hosting locations that everyone can attend. With the STUNT format, two, three, or four teams can meet in one location and play multiple games. If you do not have available facilities to host a tournament, work with your local middle or high schools for mats and indoor facility space. Contact USA Cheer to assist in getting this process started.

Establish a registration date and assessment date (if applicable). Provide the timeline and criteria for selecting the teams (age, skills, etc.) Remember the pool of athletes can expand outside the current athletes in your organization to include those involved in cheerleading, gymnasts, competitive cheer athletes, weightlifters, etc.

Once you’re ready to play, get your team membership for each age group you have playing at (registration opening soon!) so you can receive the licensed music, 8-count sheets, and routine videos.

By the time you are ready to start your season, you should have all the below included in your Coaches Resource Binder.