Club STUNT Tournament Director Role

Tournament Directors act as an on-site liaison for USA Cheer to help enforce the USA Cheer and STUNT rules and regulations. They also assist prior to the event in scheduling, connecting with the host about details of the event, confirm facility has correct setup in walk through and maintains compliance through the event. While at the event, the Tournament Director is present throughout the event to supervise the progress of the tournament, answer any questions during check-in regarding compliance of teams, coaches, and athletes, manages elimination tournament brackets (if applicable), tracks scores and statistics from each game, and handle all questions that pertain to USA Cheer while at the event.

Requirements to Become a Club STUNT Tournament Director

Meet the Club STUNT Tournament Directors

Name: Kori Johnson

Location: Costa Mesa, California

Current Involvement: High School Cheer/STUNT Coach & College STUNT Coach

Kori has been involved with STUNT since its inception. She was one of the original college officials and started one of the first high school STUNT programs in California. Kori is currently running the Orange County high school STUNT league and coaching both college and high school teams. In addition, Kori has been involved in both gymnastics and cheerleading for numerous years and holds multiple state and national titles in both cheerleading and STUNT.

Name: Katie Bowers

Location: Orange, California

Current Involvement: High School Cheer Coach & College STUNT Official

Katie has 20+ years of coaching and judging high school and all star cheerleading along with being a collegiate STUNT official for the past several years. Katie holds multiple national titles and choreographs for cheerleading teams across the country.

Name: Marissa Cox

Location: Allen Park, Michigan

Current Involvement: President of College STUNT Officials Association

Marissa has been involved in STUNT for the past several years as a College STUNT Official. She has officiated multiple College National Championships and worked with USA Cheer in developing the College STUNT Officials Association. Marissa has also played an intricate part on the STUNT Rules Committee.

Name: Adam Hughes

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Current Involvement: College and High School STUNT Official

Adam has been involved in STUNT as a referee and scoring official for the past several years at both the high school and collegiate level. He has officiated in Oklahoma since it’s inception and has been an official for the Oklahoma State Championships for the past five years. Adam also has coached high school and college cheerleading since 2009 and has been a part of many national championship teams.

Name: Camello Vanloo

Location: Staten Island, New York

Current Involvement: High School STUNT Official

Camello has been involved with STUNT since it’s inception at the collegiate level. He has officiated for the PSAL and also officiated at the college level. He has previously coached high school and college cheerleading along with recently getting a Club STUNT league launched in New York. Camello also has over 10 years of experience as a cheerleading judge and choreographer.